Paul McCartney Magical Mystery Vest

$ 245.00

Very Limited Edition!

The Paul McCartney famous granny square vest.
With a classic tight fit and a sixties rocker look, the Paul McCartney Magical Mystery vest is an incredible totally handmade replica of the original that Sir Paul wore a lot in the years ’67 and ’68.

Handmade with love in Argentina using the best materials by Indica Boutique RockStars clothing.

Paul McCartney Magical Mystery vest

100% handmade

Material: Acrylic / Cotton Yarn Mixed
Made in Argentina by Indica Boutique RockStars clothing

Size XS: the smallest McCartney vest. Short and tight like he wore it (see the pictures).
Measurements: Length 21 in x width 17.5 in

Size S: short and tight like he wore it (see the pictures), but a little longest than the XS.
Measurements: Length 22 in x width 18.5 in

Size M: Definitely longer than the S and XS, but still tight, close-fitting as Paul wore it (see the pictures).
Measurements: Length 24.5 in x width 18.5 in

Weight 0.09 lbs
Dimensions N/A

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