RockStars Tweezer Lash Applicator Tool

$ 8.00

The most convenient tool for applying our RockStars Lashes Collection cruelty-free lashes.
Apply false lashes like a RockStar with this easy-to-use lash placement tool.
Designed for facilitate the application of the falsies, this beginner-and-pro-friendly tool allows you to precisely pick up and apply our RockStars Lashes directly to the lashline. Then, the custom-engineered curve is perfectly contoured for all eye shapes to press down and secure them in place for hours of comfortable, budge-free wear.
Stainless, and with a delicious soft gummed touch.
It comes in the Indica color, a vibrant orange, with our guitar pick logo in white at the side.
A must have!

Availability: In stock

Designed to facilitate the application of our RockStars Lashes Collection

  • Stainless
  • Soft gummed touch
  • They will come to you in a transparent “Indica Beauty” plastic case to keep the tweezer sheltered or take it with you on a trip.
Weight 0.02 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 in

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