“S/A” Floral Printed Kimono

$ 190.00

We’re NOT taking orders of this item until further notice.

S/A Floral custom print Boho Kimono.
Totally handmade in georgeous fashion crepe custom printed (made in England).
With glitter ribbons from Varanasi, the City of Light (made in India).
Adjustable size with waist tie.
2 big front pockets.
Designed and handmade with love by Indica Boutique RockStars clothing.

You can wear one of my designer kimonos like an evening dress, to rock your favs pair of jeans, and of course, you must to dress up with my cloths at the next summer festivals!
Each of my designs is made entirely by hand (and with love!).
The fabrics, ribbons, borders, patches and other materials are personally selected by me in the places of the world that I am fortunate to visit. That’s why each garment is unrepeatable, and by acquiring it you’ll have the exclusivity of being the sole owner of that work.

DISCLAIMER: We make these Kimono BY REQUEST.
Since you make the purchase, please be patience, until your order is made.
Thank you!


We’re NOT taking orders of this item until further notice.

PREORDER: Custom Made to Order.
S/A Floral Printed Boho Kimono.
Fabric: Fashion Crepe custom printed (made in England).
Borders: glitter velvet ribbon (made in India).
Design, cutting, and tailoring: Indica Boutique RockStars clothing.

Weight 0.500 lbs

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