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Yes, you can ask me for a ROCKSTAR CUSTOM MADE ORDER.

Let me create for you...

Peacock Shea Stadium Beatle jacket

 … an outstanding kimono, a cool jacket, a great pair of bell-bottoms, a sixties mood dress or a seventies rocker vest that will turn heads!

Size / Measurements:

Please provide this bit of information.
All info you provide me with gives me a better vision to create the clothes ideal for you.
For example, if you ask for bell-bottoms, some customers tell me they are wearing them as a performer in a band, and they want a Led Zeppelin look. Some want them very boho Woodstockish. Or a Beatles inspired Sgt Pepper or Shea Stadium style jacket. The sky is the limit!

I create kimonos, bell-bottoms, vests, jackets, dresses, to customer specifications, each item having a bit of your own influence stitched into them.

ALL photos are EXAMPLES of what I have already made for other customers.
I hope together we can create amazing stuff you will be proud to wear!

You may e-mail me ( and discuss your ideas with me there.

AGAIN. The info and measurements you send to me determine EVERYTHING about your custom-made clothes. If you send me the wrong measurements, I will make you the wrong size. Please check twice or ask me to help you if you are unsure about anything.
I so want you to be happy with your purchase.

Many of the photos of my items for sale on this store on line are photos of one of a kind pieces, the pictures are just examples of what I have made.

If you choose any additions such as patches or fancy borders or alterations, I will need to adjust the price accordingly. As it’s extra sewing time that is not included in the existing price.

I require 50 % payment in advance on all custom-made orders. Custom-made orders are created just for you. Much time and creativity go into creating your clothes, including the job of making your exclusive pattern with your own measurements in your perfect size. That being said, please consider all your options, ask me any question, add any details.

These are for you, I frown on returns.
I am not a company, I am not a factory.

This will be a fashion designer / pattern maker -with LOVE for my job- and you, creating a custom-made item for you.

Your details won’t be to someone else’s requests. Quality and details are important to me, so that is never an issue.

THANK YOU for your interest in my designs.

I hope the list of my famous rockstars costumers doesn’t make you think that you have to be a “famous rockstar” to have one of my clothes!

You can buy some of my one-of-a-kind items on sale or ask me for a custom-made order and feeling like an authentic RockStar wearing Indica Boutique.

I look forward to creating a STUNNING outfit for you!

‘Love is the Answer’

Roxy Indica
INDICA Boutique

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