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Hello, it's me, Roxy Indica.

I'm an Argentine fashion designer. Born and raised in Villa Lynch, Buenos Aires, but actually totally installed in NYC.
I'm a rock music lover, and a musician too.

I opened my own boutique, 'Indica Boutique', on October 1st, 2001.

Almost without noticing, I started designing and making clothing for musicians, nationally and internationally. That's why I added 'RockStars Clothing' to my boutique's name.

My most famous RockStars clients?
Robert Plant, legendary frontman of Led Zeppelin.
The Ringo Starr All Star Band, whom I make costumes for their World Tours for several years.
The exceptional musician and producer Todd Rundgren and his band (he's currently on tour, wearing Indica Boutique on stage).

And many others musicians and music lovers all over the world!

I really love traveling, looking for amazing fabrics and original materials in the places of the world that I'm fortunate to visit. That's why my designs differ, because they have raw materials selected for their originality, color, patterns, and for the 'Good Energy' of the places.

Many of my last collection's creations have fabrics and ribbons that I bought myself in Varanasi, the Sacred city of Light, in Northern India, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in the Garment District of New York City.

The current collection, named 'Too Far Gone' and presented last September '22 at New York Fashion Week in a runway show with music by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and iconic rockstar Todd Rundgren, is my first collection absolutely Made in New York. It was unanimously chosen Best Collection of the opening day of the prestigious NYFW.

I design, make the patterns, cut, and sew all the clothes that I offer in my on-line store. I'm passionate about my job, for providing excellently made garments, careful tailoring, fabrics with my own prints.

But I also passionate about my customers, I still take care of each client personally, seeking to make them feel special, and I think that is the key to my permanence for more than 20 years already in fashion and costume design.

Since 2020, I have added to my brand a new makeup and beauty tools line, with the same stamp as the clothes I design. I highly recommend you take a look at 'Indica Beauty' Rock'n'roll Inspired Makeup!

I hope that my whole story doesn't make you think that you have to be a 'very famous rock star' to have one of my clothes, or makeup...

You can bring out your inner rockstar! I can help you!
You can buy items from the Indica Boutique's seasonal clothing collections.
You can buy some of my one-of-a-kind items on sale.
Let me create for you an outstanding kimono, a cool jacket, a great pair of bell-bottoms, a sixties' mood dress or a seventies' rocker vest that will turn heads!

For more info, please feel free to email me,
or take a big tour for the on-line store indicaboutique.com

Thanks for visiting Indica Boutique RockStars Clothing.

I'm sure that when you wear a design of mine, you will feel like a RockStar!

'Love is the answer'

Roxy Indica from Indica Boutique.


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